Shipping FAQ

Typically a package spoils if it is in transit for several days. Email us at [email protected] Please include pictures. If we find that your package was in transit for more than 48 hours we will resend the package at no charge to you.

Tracking numbers are emailed in two instances: 1) When your order has been processed by our kitchen and 2) When FedEx scans your package upon picking it up from our facility.

NFS stand behind our product 100%. If your meals are damaged please take a photo of the meals in question and email them to [email protected] We will gladly replace those meals on your next order free of charge. Please specify which meals they are in the special comments section on the order notes section the next time you place an order. If a meal arrives with a small incision on the plastic seal this is not considered damage. Damaged meals are specifically meals that are entirely open with the contents of them outside of the original meal tray.

The simple answer is no. The reason for this is the same reasons we stated above. The only way to have a package delivered on Monday is to send it out the Friday prior. Unfortunately, our boxes will only stay refrigerated in transit for 48 hours. By the time your package arrives on Monday the food would be spoiled. Our shipping does not start until Monday so the earliest a client can receive their package during the week is Tuesday.

We ship Monday through Thursday. We typically don’t ship on Fridays. There are a few reasons for this. In our experience FedEx does not have a great success rate with Saturday deliveries. If your package was shipped on Friday for Saturday delivery and it does not arrive it will sit in a warehouse until Monday; by than the food would be spoiled. FedEx also does not pick up packages from businesses on Saturday and they do not operate on Sunday; this is their policy not ours.

Orders usually take 2-3 business days to process and ship. Please keep in mind Saturdays and Sundays are not business days.

We package your meals in polyurethane coolers. We use frozen gel packs and/or dry ice for every package which ensures a safe delivery.

We use FedEx Express and Ground.

Yes, as long as the hotel is in the United States or Puerto Rico. Please submit your order 4-5 business days prior to your arrival. Please note your exact arrival date in the order notes section of your order. If the room is not under your name and is under the same of a spouse, mother, brother, etc. make sure you include that name as part of the shipping address. Hotels will not accept a package if the name on the package does not match up with the name on the reservation. All we ask is that you inform your hotel the day prior to arrival that you will be expecting a package.

Rates are factored based on location and order. Please use shipping calculator with your zip code to calculate shipping cost.

Unfortunately we do not. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We ship to all 50 states including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico.

There is a 5 plate purchase minimum. However, our smallest perishable food cooler holds 10 meals, so we recommend ordering at least 10 meals to maximize the shipping costs.

Yes, local customers can pick up meal orders from our kitchen location as well as shop in our retail store front.  Please select NFS Storefront in the Local Pickup drop down menu at the time of check out.

You will receive an “Order Completion” e-mail the morning of the day your meals will be dropped off at retail location. It is recommended that you call the pickup location prior to arrival to ensure your meals have been delivered. Deliveries are normally made by 1 PM.